Think Twice Before You Go is the eleventh episode of season one of Hellcats, and the eleventh overall episode of the series. It aired December 1, 2010.


After the incident in the car, Dan issues an ultimatum to Marti, demanding that she admit she has feelings for him or their friendship is over. Marti drags Savannah to a barbeque to try to cheer her up, but Savannah drinks too much and flirts with the DJ, which later puts her in an uncomfortable position. Eventually, Marti decides to tell Savannah and Lewis about what had happened between her and Dan.


Recurring RolesEdit

Eric Keenleyside as Bob Overton
Craig Anderson as Morgan Pepper
Alana Randall as Frankie
Jeremy Wong as Darwin

Guest StarsEdit

Magda Apanowicz as Kathy
Nolan Gerard Funk as MC Petey B

Episode TitleEdit

  • The episode title refers to a song of the same name by John Lee Hooker.
  • The episode title may also refer to Marti & Dan and their parting relationship.

Featured MusicEdit

  • "Baby's Gonna Start a Fire" - Brokedown Cadillac
  • "Bring It On" - Brokedown Cadillac
  • "Chasing the Moon" - Brokedown Cadillac
  • "Good Day for a Long Night" - Brokedown Cadillac



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