"The Prisoner's Song" is the fifth episode in the series "Hellcats" its also the fifth episode for the entire series.


Savannah convinces the team to let Dan direct its bid video; Marti decides to further investigate Julian's case; Red tells Derrick he plans to win back Vanessa.


Recurring Roles

Episode Title

  • The title refers to the country song by Guy Massey, and later covered by other artists.
  • Travis and Marti perform an impromptu duet of The Box Tops "The Letter" at the end of the episode.

Featured Music

  • "Are You Gonna" - Ginger Sling
  • "The Letter" - Aly Michalka & Ben Cotton (The Box Tops Cover)
  • "Veronika" - Todd Kessler
  • "We Are Young" - 3OH!3


  • Was formerly titled "The Letter"
  • Episode writer Curtis Kheel and episode director John Behring have worked together before as a writer/director team on two episodes of Charmed: "Look Who's Barking" and "Brain Drain." Ironically, Ashley Tisdale was featured in the episode "Look Who's Barking" as a runaway teenager.


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