Remember When is the fourteenth episode of season one of Hellcats, and the fourteenth produced episode of the series. It aired February 8, 2011.


The Hellcats kidnap Marti as her initiation into the group and reminisce about how Alice, Savannah, Lewis, and Vanessa became Hellcats. After the party, Marti realizes that her involvement in Travis's legal case could put her friends in harm's way and potentially cause Bill Marsh to disband the Hellcats entirely.


As Marti struggles with the decision to turn over her tape of Jake so that Travis can be freed from jail, Jake threatens Alice with the implications of what it would mean if football at Lancer were affected. To try and convince Marti to see how important the squad is, Alice decides to have an initiation for Marti into Hellcats.

The flashbacks reveal how the team brought everyone closer together; Vanessa was a sexy candy-gram girl with no direction until becoming the new coach; Alice is recruited by Vanessa after a rough weekend of drinking when her father ditches her during Parents Weekend; Lewis refuses pay-for-play during football and joins the Hellcats at Alice's suggestion. Savannah, fed up with her life and parents decide to join the team and leave everything behind. After Marti listens to their stories she becomes more torn about what to do for Travis.

Meanwhile, Jake looks through Marti's room and finds nothing; he goes to Bill Marsh who decides to have people rough up Travis; after visiting him, Marti confesses everything to Savannah. She in turn tells the team, who put it to a vote and decide that they'll help Marti.

Recurring RolesEdit

Guest StarsEdit

  • Rekha Sharma as Heidi
  • Luisa d'Oliviera as Meredith

Episode TitleEdit

  • The title refers to the song of the same name by artist Alan Jackson
  • The title also refers to the episode being comprised of "flashbacks."

Featured MusicEdit

  • "Change of Times" - Josh Ritter
  • "Don't Stay Away" - Multiple
  • "Left Your Door Unlocked" - Harlan T. Bobo
  • "Low July" - JT & The Clouds
  • "Revolution" - Veronicas
  • "The Dope Show" - Marilyn Manson


This episode takes place in the winter. Plus the only one that has a winter setting.


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