Papa, Oh Papa is the twelfth episode of season one of Hellcats, and the twelfth produced episode of the series. It aired January 25, 2011.


Marti faces a tense bus ride to sectionals after admitting to the Hellcats that she hooked up with Dan. Alice receives a surprise visit from her father, who shows up to watch her perform at sectionals with his new fiance. Alice tells Lewis that she never told her father that they broke up or that she was replaced as a flier because she wants to impress her father. To keep her father from learning the truth, Alice blackmails Savannah into giving up her spot as a flier by threatening to tell the Hellcats that Savannah helped Memphis Christian earn free ride to sectionals after her cheer-off with Marti fails. To make up for what happened, Marti and Savannah have a talk where Savannah reveals that her sister is pregnant and that's why she helped Memphis Christian with their scholarships. Marti decides to give up her spot as flier so Savannah could fly at sectionals. After all her hard work, Alice's father doesn't show up, disappointing her yet again. She tells her father off and he apologizes for choosing her brother's football game over her cheerleading. The team makes it to Nationals.

Episode TitlesEdit

  • The title refers the song of the same name by Country artist Johnny Dowd.
  • The title also refers to Alice's relationship with her father.

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