Lewis Flynn
Gender: Male
Born: Unknown
Age: 21
Occupation: Student
Affiliations: Hellcats
Lancer University
Lancer Football team (former)
Friends and Family
Parents: Father
?? (step-mother)
Love Interests: Alice Verdura (girlfriend)
Marti Perkins (ex-girlfriend)
Kathy Kurowski (ex-girlfriend)
Friends: Marti Perkins
Vanessa Lodge
Alice Verdura
Marti Perkins
Patty Wedgerman
Episode Run
Debut: A World Full of Strangers
Last: I'm Sick Y'all

Lewis Robert Flynn is a student at Lancer University. He was formerly a member of Lancer's football team but is now a base on the Hellcats cheerleading squad. He is portrayed by Robbie Jones.


Lewis is one of the Hellcats' bases and is an easy-going guy who has a love for action. He was once a star on the Lancer football team but quit when he discovered a scandal of players being paid by the college. He tried out for the Hellcats team when his then-girlfriend Alice encouraged him to do so in order to gain scholarship money after the football scandal, and instantly became hooked.

Early LifeEdit

Lewis was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee.


Marti -ex Ended the season with Alice


  • The character was originally written for a Latino actor until Robbie Jones joined the project.