"I Say a Little Prayer" is the second episode of the first series of "Hellcats" it is the second episode overall the series.


Marti is shocked to find Wanda in the audience at qualifiers; Savannah's sister, and captain of a rival team, falls and is seriously injured; Dan grows interested in Savannah.


Recurring Roles

Episode Title

  • The episode title refers to the song of the same name, performed by Dionne Warwick, and later covered by artists such as Aretha Franklin.
  • The title also refers to the prayer by Savannah for her sister, Charlotte, who was injured at qualifiers.

Featured Music

  • "Boomin'" - tobyMac
  • "Breakthrough" - Gustav
  • "Can You Hear Me" - Brokedown Cadillac
  • "Catch Me If You Can" - Burnham Brothers
  • "Dreamin'" - Nikki & Rich
  • "Gotta Keep Smilin" - Scouting for Girls
  • "Last Year" - Exsonvaldes
  • "My First Kiss" - 30h!3 featuring Ke$ha
  • "The Common Touch" - Ninja Gun
  • "Til You're Mine" - Moonlight Crush
  • "Unsaid" - Arden Kaywin
  • "Way Too Much" - David Alphonso
  • "Yeah Yeah" - Leslie Hunt



Dan:You look amazing. Despite the fact that you're dressed like a cheerleader; that part's weird.
Marti: It's not weird, it's perverse.
Dan: Been missing your fly moves at Empire.
Marti: You seduce Rosalie?
Dan: I tried. Ended up making sweet love to myself by mistake.
Marti: Happens to the best of us.

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