God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away is the fifteenth episode of season one of Hellcats, and the fifteenth  episode overall of the series. It aired February 15, 2011.


Savannah and Alice throw a toga party at Lancer, hoping the festivities will take their minds off the fact that the Hellcats might lose their funding. Marti, Vanessa and Julian come up with a plan that just may get Travis released from jail and save the Hellcats.


Recurring RolesEdit

Guest StarsEdit

Episode TitleEdit

  • The title refers to the song of the same name by Johnny Cash.
  • The title may also refer to the current theme, or suggestion of God and how he has a plan/design for everyone.

Featured MusicEdit

  • "Big One Coming" - Death Ships
  • "Chasing the Dream" - Alex Kassel
  • "Dream Come True" - Mozella
  • "Heather Remind Me How This Ends" - Delorean
  • "I Be That" - Elise Estrada
  • "Push It Up" - Adam H.
  • "Redemption Song" - Aly Michalka & Ben Cotton
  • "Second Chance" - The Ontic featuring Jenny Radalet
  • ''Shout" - Robbie Jones & Elise Estrada
  • "Top of the World" - Colorsound
  • "Whoa" - Elise Estrada



"Just because I don't talk about it doesn't mean it's not important to me."
- Alice Verdura about God and religion

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