Dan is a character in the series hellcats he is always seen with his bestfriend Marti Perkins


Dan is an open person, who never is afraid to say something or stick up for others. He is also serious when he needs to be.

Early LifeEdit

Dan has been friends with Marti for years, and knows alot about events in Marti's life as well. He was in a relationship with cheer captain Savannah. It is revealed in "Back of a Car" that Dan and Marti lost their virginities to each other in the back of a Buick on the side of the road.

Season OneEdit

Dan Patch is a townie who is Marti's friend. He had an unspoken crush on her but now is dating Savannah, Marti's new friend on the team.


According to Marti, Dan has been in many relationships and never been in a serious one, causing Savannah to worry after Dan asks her out.

Marti PerkinsEdit

Dan has always had an unspoken crush on Marti. In the episodes Back of a Car and Finish What We Started it is revealed that the two lost their virginities to eachother in a back of a buick on route 51. They did not speak for six months, due to Dan's worry of Marti possibly getting pregnant though she ended up not being pregnant, Marti still scolds him for not being there for her when she had nobody.
Their feelings toward each other have always been confusing, it seems. When Dan was still with Savannah and Marti was with Lewis, Marti and Dan almost sleeping together, again in a car. This caused their respective relationships to break, and Dan moved away and didn't answer Marti's phone calls while she had fallen out with Savannah. Later Dan came back to town because of his brother's wedding. He brought a date which confused Savannah and Marti who were secretly competing each other to see who would win and end up with Dan. At the end of the wedding Dan and Marti face the truth about their relationship, which is just friends. Dan apologizes to Marti for leaving again and later apologizes to Savannah too. He tells Savannah he was scared for her reaction after what happened with Marti in the car and that he did not deserve to ask Savannah for forgiveness. She answers that he should ask her now. So he does and she says she forgives him. The two end up kissing and dancing while Marti performs a weddingsong at the stage.

Savannah MonroeEdit

They met at a cheerleading competition where he lied to Wanda telling thats she`s his girlfirend. He asked her out after the competition. They started going out after their first date. They are dating at the end of the season


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